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Our Services

Interior Design

We plan and design private and public projects. In concept planning, we design the entire appearance. In the detailed design, we clarify and coordinate all details across all stages.


Only when the right team is in place a project should be started. We provide advice during the search for the right materials for our professional architects and clarify the client's wishes and objectives in workshops.


In our quality workshop, we produce the entire interior fittings for our projects. As ideas are only as strong as their realization, we accompany our projects to completion and beyond. We coordinate the crafts and specialist planners and ensure their quality.

Why Work With Us


Those who walk through the world with alert and curious eyes, things will come to them all by themselves. On our journeys, we discover unique art and design objects, but also unconventional perspectives.

Holistic Design

Man influences his environment and the environment influences man. That is why we develop holistic interior design concepts that take into account the character of people and the places in which they live.


We know about the origin of our materials, have mastered their processing and have an unerring instinct for turning ideas into reality. On request, we advise our customers from the very beginning.

Trendy Choices

Furniture Of Grid In Natural Fibers

The natural works and it is also fashionable. Applied to decoration, this natural tendency is present through natural materials without treatments, varnishes, and oils of any kind.

Painted Paper

In furniture, showcases and on the walls, wallpaper is displayed in a variety of designs and styles. The preferred one? Tropical and exotic motifs that refresh the spaces and add a chic touch.

Gold And Copper Pieces

The sophisticated and chic point comes in charge of the gold pieces with geometric structures that put a glam touch. Preferred proposal? The auxiliary tables in metal and gold sparkles are protagonists.

Eliot Holder

lead designer and color expert in LostArtAgency

We are an outstanding team of professional designers, decorators, architects with a real passion for what we do every day.

In LostArtAgency you will find inspiring design and an excerpt of unique projects that we are pleased to offer to all our clients.

Our origin is craft. That's why we not only design rooms, we also realize them - with close attention for detail and a penchant for perfection.

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